Friday, September 20, 2013

Launch X431 IV Review from South Africa user

X431 IV

As before, Many user don't know whether Launch X431 IV can support South Africa’s cars or not. There is no doubt that X431 IV is good at doing South Africa’s cars, The following content is a review for Launch X431 IV that from one South Africa’s user.

“I got the device and test it, so far so good. I am still looking at the vehicle models included and to review compatibility, but it seems quite good although its not 100% compatible with Hyundai Getz (but I need to check the vehicle system still though) it seems to still read most of the fault codes. This was just a test I have done, but on the LandRover Discovery is very good and on the Audi A4 it can view a lot with limited functionality again, but I suppose will see most of the fault codes though. Thanks a lot for a product that seems to good for an “all rounder” sort of use as I know some items would require product specific tools which is not possible with an all rounder.”

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